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May 15 2016, / 0 Comments

 Pink Angelina Dress by Itty Bitty Toes

When we speak about fashion or children’s fashion, to be particular, the first thing that comes to mind are clothes and fashion specifically for girls however, it works both ways. As much as girls care about fashion and trends, the same can also be said for boys and this article will be sharing the upcoming fashion trends for both little boys and girls.

spring 2016 at itty bitty toes - online children's boutique 

Spring brought different kinds of brightly colored outwear pieces such as different kinds of coats in different shapes and sizes. This summer, it’s all about letting go of those cover ups and dressing light and free, ready to enjoy the fresh air and warm sun.

 summer clothes for children at Itty Bitty Toes - Online Children's Boutique 

Kids fashion for girl’s summer - 2016 

Little girls all over the world will soon look dashing in familiar baby doll dresses which has always been a classic favorite. Model cuts and A-line dresses adorned in beads, sequins and other appliques like bows and pretty collars that add a hint of youth and femininity are also common classics that are here to stay.

 couture dresses at Itty Bitty Toes

When it comes to fabrics, knit; cotton and linen are and will always be the best choice of materials when it comes to baby and children’s fashion. They allow our young ones to move with ease and act like the children they were meant to be.

hair accessories from itty bitty toesFor more mellow occasions like galas, you can never go wrong with a more delicate silk or tulle material. These have always been our go to materials when dressing up our young princesses and of course, we make sure to top them off with interesting accessories like headbands, clips and age appropriate jewelry.

high end handmade shoes for children Our shoes for our little princesses are all feminine and durable, made out of the best materials such as leather, beads and Velcro.

Kid’s fashion for boy’s summer - 2016

As compared to girls, dressing baby boys can be a bit conservative but that does not make them any less fashionable. We prefer creating classic pieces for our little princes such as pants, shirts, vests, over ups and the like. We make these staple pieces stand out each season through our choice of material, cloth and a little variation in its design.

clothing for boys of ages 0-7 years

We also love to have fun and experiment with little boy’s shoes and we make sure to design a variety for them each season. As we know, boys love to run and frolic so it’s important that we create shoes that are not only nice to look at but also allow our boys to run around and enjoy. We have also made sure to use Velcro in most, if not all, of our shoes to give ease to both parent and child.

oxford shoes for boys

Make sure to check out and see our collection for timeless, priceless and beautiful pieces for your little bundles of joy! We proudly ship all over the world and are more than eager to address any of your inquiries as soon as we can.

Enjoy dressing your children up and giving them countless memories while wearing only the best!


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