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Happy Thursday!

Just a few more days until Mother's Day!

How exciting for all mommies out there! This will be my third year celebrating. In 2013 I was pregnant with my first (we considered that enough reason to celebrate). Last year I had a 5 month old baby in my arms and this year...well, I have an almost a year and a half year old munchkin and another one cooking in the oven :) Only 4 more weeks until SHOW TIME! Yesterday I did have a bit of a scare though. I woke up with pretty intense pelvic pain. Went to get it checked out and turns out I have Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction - in short, it's related to misalignment of the pelvis, often common among women who have back to back pregnancies. Can get pretty painful, but as long as my little Charlie is ok, I feel great! 

This past week at Itty Bitty Toes we have worked on a few different projects. We picked our first photographer and photo shoot in the Dallas Fort Worth Area. Our photographer is Isabel with www.IsabelMRosek.com. We asked our followers across our social profiles to submit pictures of their little ones. Isabel is in charge of the entire project: from selecting the models for the shoot, to the Itty Bitty Toes pieces we want to take pictures of, the photo shoot setting, etc. I'm excited for it all and looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. I have no doubt it will be amazing. We plan on doing other ones in different cities across United States, and who knows perhaps in Europe too but that will be later (after I have my Charlie and can actually travel).

We are constantly working on adding new products. Because all of our pieces come from overseas, it takes a while to sort through it all. This week we added our Itty Bitty Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses in 6 different colors. They are designed for children of ages 6 months and up. In just a few short days we've had a lot of orders and we are excited to see pictures of your little ones with the glasses on. We plan on adding some additional styles later as well.  

This weekend we will be adding new stock! We have more dresses we are adding to our Couture line. Speaking (writing) of which, our Princess Grace dress and our Sarafina dress have been by far the most popular pieces! We have gotten requests to make them in different colors and we have put our order in for exactly that! So expect some additional colors to come through in the next few weeks. We are open to custom orders, but because they are hand made we do need some time to get it done. We sold out of size 1 in this color, but it will be restocked shortly.

Tonight we will add our Itty Bitty Toes Embroidered Beanies. They come in 7 different colors and are designed to fit all ages. I personally have put some colors aside for Gio, Charlie and I. I love the whole matching concept. This weekend and all of next week expect to see new sets for boys! They will be of different colors and styles for ages 6 months - 7 years. And next week we will be adding even more, but it will be both boy and girl sets and a pretty good collection of baby goodies for the Summer :) Little by little we are expanding and we appreciate your patience through it all. We do read all of your emails, comments and are taking them all into consideration as we grow our Itty Bitty Toes brand. 

We are also working on launching an Itty Bitty Toes iPhone/Ipad APP! We believe shopping with us will be a much smoother experience through an app. We will keep you updated as we get closer to its launch date. 

And lastly, we plan on doing a FLASH SALE one of these days! We will only make it available to our subscribers who have joined our mailing list. So make sure you sign up for a chance to get a pretty nice discount one of these days :)

Ok, time to wrap this up! I'll end it with some adorable pictures of our Itty Bitty customers rocking Itty Bitty Toes!

Itty Bitty Toes

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