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4 Magical Spring Birthday Themes & Outfits

February 12 2021, / 0 Comments

Winter is over and flowers are beginning to bloom. Is your little one a spring baby? Read our list of 4 spring inspired birthday themes, paired with IBT items. 


#1 Enchanted Garden

Photo: Cassandra Dress in pink

Let all of your magical fairy dreams come true with an enchanted garden themed birthday. Make the woods and flowers come to life with a sparkling scene. Decor will include lots of glitter, flowers, fairies, and greenery. The Sammi, Matilda, Cassandra, and Lili dresses will magically match the garden. Your little one will be the most perfect fairy in the room. 

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest


Photo: Lili Dress


Photo: Sammi Dress

#2 My Little Sunshine 

Photo: Pinterest

Watch your baby shine with this sunny birthday theme. Bring out all of the gold and yellows for a gorgeous setting. Our Christiano Shorts Set in mint and gold or the Alex Suit in gold are two shiny pieces for your baby boy. If it’s your little girl’s birthday, our Princess Aisha Dress in pink and gold adds the perfect glimmer of sunniness with the bow accent on the back. 

Photo: Christiano Suspenders Set in Mint & Gold

Photo: Princess Aisha Dress in Pink & Gold

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

#3 It’s Some Bunny’s Birthday 

Photo: Pinterest

Hippity hoppity right into this bunny themed bday! Stick to pink, blue, yellow and oranges to create a garden like scene, perfect for a bunny to hop around in. A carrot cake is a great addition to this theme with bunny headbands and goodie bags. Outfits to go along with this theme are the Charlie Suspenders Set in blush and blue, the Kloe Dress, or the Lucy Dress paired with the Chuck Shorts Set. 

Photo: Kloe Dress in Pink

Photo: Lucy Dress in Pink & Chuck Shorts Set

Photo: Pinterest

#4 In the Clouds 

Photo: Pinterest

Spring time can bring rain and clouds, this cloud birthday theme is lighthearted and adorable! A cloud themed birthday calls for lots of rainbows and pastel colors. Create a cloudy room with white balloons, sparkly rain drops, and rainbow decor. The Alex Suit in blue is a cloudy color for your handsome boy or try the Christiano Suspenders Set in blue and pink. For your little girl, the Kaylea Dress is white and light blue for a sky like color scheme. 


Photo: Christiano Suspenders Set in Blue & Pink

Photo: Kaylea Dress

Photo: Pinterest

For more spring birthday inspiration, go to our Pinterest @ittybittytoes! We love to see our customers in IBT items and the gorgeous birthday themes you all create. 

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