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Our First Itty Bitty Toes Photoshoot

June 26 2015, / 0 Comments

Last month we had our first Itty Bitty Toes Photo shoot with Isabel MroseK Photography. Isabel, the owner, is a kind and lovely woman and mother we fell in love with as soon as we talked for the first time. Her passion for photography and children shows in all of her work. As soon as we got a hold of her portfolio we were absolutely obsessed and couldn't wait for her to work with us and take pictures of all of our adorable outfits.

We asked our followers on Instagram and Facebook to submit their children's pictures and Isabel was the one who went through all of the submissions and picked six of them for our first photo shoot. We decided to let her handle it all because we knew we would be in love with every single picture and it would have been extremely too hard for us to narrow it down. 

Well, we just got our pictures back not long ago and we are totally in love with every single one of them. Each piece of clothing was captured so beautifully on each model. The reason we wanted to do this was to be able to show the beauty, the quality as well as how they each fit. Our goal is to one day be able to show case all of our pieces this way so that all of our customers can see what they each look like when worn. What is amazing is that the day of the shoot, the weather was not cooperating at all. It was raining and it was dark and gloomy everywhere, but looking at the pictures you'd never be able to tell. We have already decided to do a second shoot and have started preparations for it.

Thank you Isabel for all of your amazing work and talent and we are thankful we have you as part of our team!


 With Love,

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