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Born to Be Stylish - 5 Baby & Children’s Clothing Trends

July 06 2015, / 0 Comments



Trends may come and go, but don’t you want your baby and child to always look their best? If so, read on to learn about some of the hottest trends to hit the clothing industry and how you can make your little prince or princess look in style now.

  1. Embellished Shoes

Cover their itty bitty toes in something fabulous! The current shoe trends in children’s wear show that more is more with every step that they take. For little girls, think sparkles and shine. Look for shoes that are dipped in glitter or that have a faux glitter design. Also keep your eyes peeled for pearl embellished booties, bow buckles, and even slippers embellished with rosettes and ribbon. Check out our Seremoni Silver Slippers! They are a perfect example of what's trendy in baby fashion!

For little boys, be sure to allow your son to sport tasseled moccasins, quilted booties, and even decorated high top sneakers. Think about it-you can never have enough shoes and neither can your little bundle of joy!

  1. Ruffles

Ruffles are not only fun and festive to wear, but they can really transform a young lady’s attire. They add volume and dimension, and have a dramatic flair. Shop for dresses that have a ruffled skirt or hemline. Also, look for tops that boast ruffled cap sleeves or collars. The great thing about ruffles is that they can be dressed up or down, so ultimately they are ideal for any occasion.

  1. Bowties

Nothing says, “I’m a little gentleman,” like a bow tie. Bowties are big in 2015 for boys of all ages. Whether they are sold solo or sewn onto a shirt; you want to ensure that you are stocked up with this preppy yet playful item.

  1. Layers

Nothing looks more adorable than a little boy or girl who is totally layered up. It takes their style to a whole new level, while being functional and fashionable. Layers are ideal because let’s face it, kids get hot or cold at the drop of a hat. It’s great when they are dressed to accommodate this need. When trying to shop for layered boys’ looks, start with a great button down top. The current trends are showing that the chambray shirts are popular for both sexes. Next, pick your outer layer.

For little girls, shop for a cardigan that boasts a punchy floral print or one that is designed with woven fabric (so it adds a little texture to the look).

For boys, shop for hooded sweatshirts, toggle cardigans, or even a zip up sweater that boasts front pockets. Finally, add your bottoms, shoes, and think about accessories. You can never go wrong with adding a sweet scarf, sunglasses, or an adorable hat.

Itty Bitty Toes is especially fond of layered outfits and as such we have made a lot of them available on our online boutique. We have focused primarily on layered boy sets, but we also have a few layered outfits for young girls up to age 9 years old. Some of these sets are currently on sale

  1. Stripes

Stripes are always in style. While black and white was the big thing in 2014, thick colorful stripes are making their debut in 2015. Stripes are great for both sexes and they can be worn with neutral bottoms, or played up and paired with other patterns!

So, which trend of 2015 will your little one be wearing? With so many to choose from, why not try them all?


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