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5 Tips on Working From Home with Kids

March 24 2020, / 1 Comment

It seems like overnight the world has changed. It's during times like these we're challenged to adapt as parents. With school and daycares closing all over, transitioning to working from home, and social distancing being encouraged, your daily routine as a parent has more than likely been uprooted.

So you might be sitting here desperately in need some guidance as to what to do in these trying times, at home, with your little ones. We want you to know you're not alone in this! And we want to help in any way we can.

Here are our top 5 tips to maintain a productive, yet harmonizing environment at home with your kiddos :

 1. Set a schedule


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We put together a sample schedule with suggested activities for your kiddos. A cool thing you can do is to set an amount of time for self-learning or reading time for your kiddos, and working time for you. And you both can end the day with a snack break! We recommend creating a weekday and weekend schedule. This helps set a routine and expectations with your kids, your partner or co-parent, and yes, yourself.


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2. Create designated spaces 

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That leads us to our second point: creating a designated space for working, playing, learning, etc.

A play space for your kiddos is a contained area with age-appropriate toys and no safety hazards. Your kiddos can play or learn independently there while you're responding to emails or doing chores.

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Another tip is to set up your work station near the play area so you can still observe your little ones play. You won't be a huge fan of your house looking like a daycare, but that’s the reality right now... but just remember it is temporary :) 

3. Make plans on the weekend

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It's always fun to have something to look forward to at the end of the busy week. When creating a weekly schedule for the family, don't forget to add in fun details such as games, fun crafts, baking, etc.

 4. Get moving

Since the gym is out of the question and exercise is required to keep your sanity-- Let your kiddo join that walk in the park or that meditation session in your garden. It'd be fun to have a partner while keeping both healthy! The more energy they expend, the better.

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Another activity they can participate in is picking up on chores. This one is our personal favorite! We'll go in-depth in our next blog posts on fun ways to get your little ones engaged in house-chores. 

 5. Keep the schedule flexible

We understand the day may be hectic and you won't always be able to stick to a schedule. These are just some guidelines to help you maintain some sort of structure and routine while everything around you is changing. Always leave room for flexibility and spontaneity—with kids, you never know what will come up!

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We hope this helps in any way! If you have some other ideas or things you would like to share, please comment so we can all learn a thing or two. Like & share this blog post to help all the other parents out!


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