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Manic For Moccasins

August 01 2015, / 0 Comments



 Shoe trends come and go, but moccasins are here to stay!

One trend that has been going strong (and still is) in the children’s fashion world is moccasins. These accessories aren’t just fashionable, they are totally functional. Read on to learn some reasons why these textured treasures not only make babies and kids of all ages look great but are also great to wear!

They Are Easy Access

As a busy parent, you know that sometimes the last thing you want to do when you are trying to get out of the door is fiddle with shoes. Babies can get awfully fussy when waiting for their shoes to be attached or tied. Toddlers and kids can also slide moccasins on themselves to help you out!

They Are Comfortable

Moccasins are a must have because they promote total comfort, all day for babies and kids. They are often made out of a soft and stretchy (yet durable) material that will remind your kiddo of wearing slippers like they do at bedtime. They won’t fuss and fret about taking them off when you are also on the go!

They Add Personality

Anyone can slip on a sneaker or plain old shoe. But, when a baby or child wears a pair of moccasins, you can’t help but notice and smile at their fashionable accessory. With so many colors and styles to choose from, be sure to pick one up that complements your little cutie’s attitude so they can make a stylish statement.

They Add Movement

Moccasins are often embellished with fringe or even beads. This helps not only add some texture to a child’s look, but a little movement as well!

They Help the Walking Process

When babies begin to learn how to walk, their toes tend to spread out to grip the ground. Moccasins allow their toes to do this because the shoe is ultra-soft. It’s not restrictive and they have plenty of room to move their foot and toes around in. When selecting the right moccasin for your baby, make sure they have about a centimeter of space in the front of the shoe. Not only will the moccasins help them while they are learning to walk, but will provide a layer of protection for their tootsies!

They Are Trendy

Moccasins are very hot and fresh for fall. Your little one can sport them just like other celeb’s children do! Isla Fischer has been seen putting her four year old in them, as well as Kourtney Kardashian, style enthusiast Rachel Zoe, and Hillary Duff.

So, if you haven’t considered dressing your little ones in moccasins, think again. They aren’t just stylish; they provide a lot of support and comfort for all ten little toes and feet!




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