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Matching Sissies August 28 2015, / 0 Comments

Nothing cuter than two sisters wearing outfits that match! 

We've had a lot of mommies ask us to release matching outfits for their little ones. The last few weeks we've been working on delivering just that. While we don't have a huge variety of such matching pieces, we are slowly working on adding more and more each month. 

The first few matching outfits we have released are beautiful and chic dresses that are similar in style, yet have their own distinct look to them. Itty Bitty Toes believes that while matching is a beautiful and lovely sight to see when it comes to siblings of different age, we also believe that it is important to make such pieces different and not exactly the same. Take a look at some of these matching dresses below. 

As you can see, they are very similar in style, color, print, and even cut but each dress has its own look that is different from the one matching it. As close as sisters can be, they are still their own individual and have their own character that is different from the rest of the siblings. So we selected these pieces with that in mind. We do understand however that some parents prefer the matching sets to be identical. As such we have added a few sets that are available from 6 months all the way to 10 years old so that some mommies can have the ability to dress their babies exactly the same! Take a look at some of the sets below:

For the mommies who have boys (raises hand) we are working on similar sets for boys as well! As we get closer and closer to fall and winter, the different options and styles for boys expands and we are very excited to show you what we have in mind for your little Prince or Princes! 



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