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Changes To IBT!

October 13 2015, / 0 Comments

changes made to itty bitty toes - online boutique

We launched our online children's boutique, Itty Bitty Toes, 6 months ago (on Oct 20th it will be exactly 6 months), and boy have we come a long way!

We took a long time to set everything up and prepare ourselves prior to launching. At the time it felt like we had everything in order and were good to go, but every day we are learning so much about our customers, the business we're in, the shipping logistics, etc. We are realizing more and more how little we truly knew and how much more there is to discover, learn, improve on daily! We believe that in order to be great, you must always work on your craft. In our case, that craft is our products, our customer service, our delivery, our presentation, and everything that makes the online shopping experience a great one. 

We welcome and appreciate all of the feedback we have received from our customers. Itty Bitty Toes is still very new and is eager to grow. Our customers are our number One priority. We would like nothing more but smiles and happy faces when you are talking to or about us. We want your experience with Itty Bitty Toes to be not only great, but one that you would gladly share with ours. After all what better compliment could a company receive other than a referral sent our way?! To all of our customers, THANK YOU. Thank you for trusting us; for appreciating our products; for sharing all of your lovely pictures with us; for emailing us your comments/feedbacks; for being so understanding, and most of all thank you for all of your honest support! It does not go unnoticed. 

Throughout these last few months we have taken note of all the recommendations we have received from our customers and our tech team has worked diligently to implement some (if not all) changes requested. For example, a few of our customers let us know that they would appreciate us adding a "sort by size" tool to each category we have. We are happy to announce that it is now in place :) It's not perfect, and there are still a few more changes we'd like to make, but as of today you are able to narrow your searches down by size. All you have to do is select the size you need under the "browse" tab, within each category.

Need to mark an order as a gift, or simply leave a note for us to read prior to preparing your order? You are now able to do that as well! On our cart page, prior to checking out, you are now able to mark an order as "gift" and even write a Gift Message as well. Please keep in mind that in order to receive the order in a gift box, you will have to select the gift box option when you check out, right before submitting the order. 

Another very important feature we have added is the Search Bar to our mobile site. Over 90% of our traffic is mobile (pretty insane huh?) so it was very important for our customers to be able to search for a specific product on our mobile site. VOILA! You are now able to do that as well!

We've made some slight changes to the overall design of the site, but nothing too drastic. I remember how much I used to hate when Facebook would get a "facelift" so I promised myself I wouldn't do that to my customers one day! It's frustrating to get used to a certain layout a site has and have to learn where everything is all over again. So that won't happen here :) We do like to tweak things here and there when we deem it necessary but the overall structure will remain the same! 

Lastly, we have now made it available for verified purchasers to be able to leave feedback on the products they purchased. This will be so useful not only for us but also for the other customers who may be interested in purchasing the same product you did! Maybe you may want to share your feedback about the quality, the sizing, our customer service, or whatever other comments you'd like to make! Please feel free to do so! We would greatly appreciate it! And remember these reviews can only be given by verified purchasers. We did it this way so the next customer that reads the review knows that it is coming from a legitimate source and from a customer who has indeed purchased the product!

Oh, one more thing. The currency exchange tool! We have added that a few weeks ago, but you are now able to see our rates automatically switch to whichever currency you use. Our system uses your ip and is able to automatically detect which country you are in and therefore is able to change the currency to the one you use automatically. The trick is that you'd have to be using the site from a wifi connection and not cellular data. But this should help a lot (or so I hope)!

Once again, thank you for being a part of Itty Bitty Toes and for supporting us on our journey! We love seeing pictures of your little ones in #ittybittytoes so please tag us on your pictures on Instagram or Facebook! We welcome them all! We try to repost as many as we can daily so perhaps your picture will make it on our pages as well!

Have a lovely night!

The Itty Bitty Toes Team



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