A Step by Step Guild on Building the Perfect Playroom


Every princess needs a castle, and every child loves their playroom! When your kids spend so much time playing and having fun, why not elevate their experience to the next level? Stay tuned to find out how to put together every kid’s dream playroom!

Time to whip out that paint brush and channel your inner HGTV! You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to achieve the perfect space. Creativity and hard work can take you a long way!

Here are our picks on how to perfect your kid’s playroom:

Photo via Abchomy

Add Color

Brighten up play time with a pop of their favorite color! Take this opportunity to channel your inner artist and unleash a masterpiece! If you’re not too confident about your drawing skills, you can stick fun decals on your wall for the same effect.

Photo via Abchomy

Creation Station

Adding a cute little seating area for your little one and friends adds an additional space for fun arts and crafts! It’s super simple, yet very effective, and this is also an easy way to add pops of color. It can also be the focus of all the tea parties to come!

Photo via Chesapeake Chic

Keeping it Clean

Add a few cubbies or storage bins to promote a clean and organized environment! This is a great way to implement good habits and teach your kids to clean up after themselves. A few shelves for Barbie and the toy trucks can go a long way… and you might not have to step on another Lego again!

Photo via SpaceWise

Add Your Own Flare

Whether it’s a painting you’ve been eyeing at pottery barn, fun decor you picked up from Pier Imports, or something you make with your kids, moms have the freedom to love the play space as well! You can turn this into a fun project and paint a masterpiece with your kids! They’ll be able to look at their creative accomplishment they made with mommy on a daily basis.



Last, but certainly the most important… toys! Organize your kiddos favorite toys in those new storage cubbies and have a blast! Maybe even go the extra mile and add a dress up station or a play workshop for the little one who likes to be hands on.


To see our dream playroom come to life, check out our creator, Egreis Gjergjani’s video on how she created the perfect space for her three precious little ones! You can watch it here.



Thank you so much for tuning into this week’s blog post, moms! We can’t wait to see how you create the perfect playroom! Make sure to tag us in your creations and let us know your special tips on decorating!


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