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Easter 2021 Outfit Recommendations

February 26 2021, / 0 Comments

Hippity hoppity, Easter’s on its way! Your kiddos need a perfect pastel colored look to spend your day in. We have elegant fits that are comfortable and great for your little ones. 

Photo: Matilda Dresses in Pink, Purple, and Blue 

Easter Egg Pastels 

Every Easter comes with an Easter egg hunt, so your little one needs a flexible and dressed up outfit. For your little girl, the Matilda dress has lots of volume and comes in a variety of colors. To make a statement, the Arabella Unicorn Dress is magical and perfect for the holiday with its pastel colors in the train. Either of these best selling items will put you and your little one in awe!

Photo: Arabella Dress 

Hoppin’ Pink Hues 

Photo: Charlie Shorts Set in Blush & Chelsea Dress in Blush 

We are blushing over these perfect pink looks. If you have a little boy and girl, the Charlie Shorts Set and Chelsea Dress in blush are paired greatly together. The blush color of both items go along with the ambiance of the holiday. If your little girl wants something shiny and sparkly, the Aisha Dress is a customer favorite with its intricate details and lined tutu. Your little ones will be very happy hopping around in these looks. 

Photo: Princess Aisha Dress in Rose Gold 

Bunny Blues 

Photo: Up & Away Airplane Suspender set & Huda Dress in Blue 

We have many blue and bold looks that look divine together! The Huda Dress pairs elegantly with the Airplane Suspenders Set. The suspenders set is playful and unique, your little boy will look so handsome! The Huda Dress is a beautiful shade of blue with its lace details on the bodice. Purchase our Christiano Suspenders Set in red, blue, and black for a  chic and sophisticated look. Shop these outfits now, just in time for Easter. 

Photo: Christiano Suspenders Set (Red, Blue, and Black) 

Hop right on these amazing looks! Easter is right around the corner and we cannot wait to see your little ones all dolled up. Complete the look with an Easter basket and they are good to celebrate this year's Easter. Check out ways to build an Easter basket below. 

Photo: Pinterest

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