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Family Holiday Picture Ideas

October 15 2020, / 1 Comment

‘Tis the season for family, friends, and stunning holiday pictures. Photography is meant to capture your family at their best, so creating photoshoots around what means the most to you and your family are going to be the best pictures. And, in this season, all you really need are a great photographer, a meaningful setting, and gorgeous, cohesive outfits. 

While we can’t help you find the perfect photographer for you, we can definitely help you with the rest. This article will give you five great ideas for family pictures and the outfits that will look great on your little one for the occasion. Whether it’s a photoshoot just for the kids, or for the whole family, this article aims to give you perfect color schemes for matching outfits as well as settings that fit the season while also showcasing intimate holiday moments. So get out your planner or whatever you use to plan your photoshoots and let’s get brainstorming your 2020 photoshoot!

Evergreen Tree Farm:

Evergreens are beautiful trees, especially in the winter months when everything else is starting to turn brown and fade away. You can always knock out two birds with one stone by taking pretty pictures at the tree farm while you’re shopping for your Christmas tree.

Image source

A hi-low dress design, like our Valentina dress, would go perfectly with the occasion. The low design of the dress will make it easier to trek through the outdoor tree farm while still giving your little one a beautiful train that’ll look stunning in the fields. The red will contrast all of the green amazingly and give off strong Christmas vibes. Pair with our red shoes for a beautiful head-to-toe look.

Photo: Valentina Dress 

Photo: Princess Aisha Dress 

Family Tradition:

Whether it’s baking Santa cookies, lighting the menorah, offering libations to the ancestors, or whatever your favorite holiday tradition, you can make it the setting of your family photos. Have pictures taken of your family participating in said traditions for a casual, yet intimate photo: perfect for holiday cards!

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Fun activities deserve a fun, festive dress, like our Denise dress. Your little one will look so cute in the black and white contrasting dress, with the big white skirt and sleeves, and the black polka dots on the bodice. You can pair this dress with our Ballerina Moccasins in black for an adorably fun ballerina look. Perfect for adorably fun pictures!

Photo: Denise Dress 

Photo: Ballerina Shoes 


If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful snow before the holidays, take advantage and have a photoshoot! You can make a snowman to take pictures with, take pictures making snow angels, or just take a traditional picture with a beautiful white backdrop. 

The Amaira dress is a perfect contrast to the snow, and will stand out beautifully in winter pictures! The green of the dress will look amazing against the stark white of the snowfall, while also still complimenting the evergreen foliage that’s still giving the scene some color. Pair this dress with our Vivi black and gold shoes to bring out the gold in the dress. You can also always add stockings for warmth at this icy photoshoot.

Photo: Amaira Dress

Photo: Vivi Shoes Black & Gold 

Pumpkin Patch: If you’re looking for a more Fall-themed photoshoot, you’ll love the pumpkin patch! All of the pumpkins and hay scream Fall vibes, and make a great backdrop to any traditional photoshoot.

Image Source

Photo: Cassandra Dress and Sydney Dress

Our Cassandra dress is perfectly festive for this Fall-themed photoshoot. The black dress with beautiful gold detailing will match the traditionally spooky vibes of Halloween, while also still being elegant and not too Halloween-esque to fit the entire season. Black and orange just look great together, and this dress is no exception to the rule. Pair with our Gjergjani MJ 05-06 shoes for a flawless black-and-gold look.

Photo: MJ 05-06 shoes 

Fallen Leaves:

Another great Fall-themed photoshoot is one with falling and fallen leaves. You can make leaf piles in the yard for a great backdrop and even have your little one play in the leaves for cute Fall themed photos. 

Image Source

Our Sakura dress will look amazing at this fallen leaves photoshoot! The black in the dress is a great compliment to the Fall colors in the leaves while the pink satin will add a bit of extra color to the photoshoot and really stand out while complimenting the leaves. Plus the tree detailing in the bodice of this dress will look amazing with the trees in your fallen leaves photoshoot. Pair this dress with our Alba 65 shoes in black for a prim yet festive look.


Outfit: Sakura Dress

Shoes: G07-03 Boots 

If you ever recreated any of these looks, feel free to tag us @ittybittytoes. We'd absolutely love to repost your photos. 

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