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Five Quarantine-Friendly Activities to Try this Weekend

January 29 2021, / 0 Comments

Quarantine is hard for us all, but let’s look at the bright side! You and your little one’s friends have been staying home and being safe too. It’s time for a GNO, but at-home of course! Here are five activity ideas for a slumber party: 

#1 Spa 

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Each girl gets their own pamper pouch which includes scrunchies, fuzzy socks, a face mask, nail polish, and robe! Slice some cucumbers and get ready to relax with your besties. Set up an at-home nail salon with a tub of bubbles and use the nail polish out of your pamper pouch. How fun and relaxing would it be!! 

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#2 Friendship Beads

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Every pair of besties need to have friendship jewelry! All you need is a box of letters and colored beads with string. This activity is creative and makes a fashion statement. 

#3 Unicorn Slime 

Slime will keep  your little ones occupied for hours! The ingredients you need are saline, food coloring, glitter, and glue. Mix it all together and there’s your sparkly unicorn slime. 

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#4 Homemade Dreamcatcher 

This craft can be hung above each bed at the sleepover when everyone goes to sleep. A dreamcatcher is a handmade hoop that is woven with yarn. Supplies you need are yarn, a rattan hoop, scissors, and colorful pipe cleaner to make shapes. So cute and easy to create! 

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#5 Teepee Time

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Teepees are perfect for a magical and quarantine friendly slumbie. It’s time for the kiddos to rest after a long night of fun activities! The teepees can be purchased at Target, Walmart, or Etsy. 

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We hope you can use some of these ideas at your little girl’s next sleepover! Follow our Pinterest @ittybittytoes for more friendly quarantine activities.  

Xoxo, IBT

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