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Baby's First Shoes

January 06 2017, / 0 Comments

Your baby's first pair of shoes should be comfortable and cute.  Follow our tips for buying your baby's first shoes and get the perfect pair for your little one!  

There is nothing more exciting than watching your baby grow!  If you're reading this, your baby is probably getting ready for her first pair of shoes.  Maybe you have an event coming up and want her to have an adorable pair of shoes.  She might be starting to move around and you want her to have the best shoes for new toddlers.  

Whatever the reason - we have a wide selection of high-quality baby shoes that were designed specifically for babies and kids.  Our shoes are designed for optimal style, comfort, and safety. Our baby moccasins, shoes, and boots are made from high-quality materials by expert craftsmen.

Tips for buying Baby's First Shoes

Best Shoes For Baby - Baby Shoe Buying Guide | Itty Bitty Toes


Baby shoes should be made from flexible materials.  This will allow for the natural shape and movement of the baby's foot.  Natural materials, like leather, are great materials for baby shoes. Our moccs are made from soft genuine leather.  They allow the stretch and flexibility that will keep babies comfortable.  Plus, they are super cute and available in a variety of styles and colors. Our dress shoes and boots are also made from real leather. 

Non-Slip Soles

For obvious reasons, non-slip soles are a must have for child and baby shoes.  All of our Gjergjani Kids shoes and boots have non-slip soles.  We worked with experts in the field to develop the best soles from pre-walkers to runners.  Our Gjergjani Kids shoes and boots have flexible but sturdy non-slip soles. 


Finding the right size shoes for you baby can be tricky.  Babies can't (and some kids might not) tell you if their shoes are comfortable or uncomfortable.  Flexible but snug shoes like moccasins are great for little babies.  You'll want to make sure your baby shoes for new walkers have arch support.  Our Gjergjani Kids shoes have orthopedic insoles for comfortable arch support.  


It's important to buy the right size shoes for your baby.  If you haven't had them measured, we have a standard shoe sizing chart which is a helpful guide.  We also have experts on our customer service team who can help make sure you order the right size shoe for your baby.  You can call us at 1-800-998-3428 or Whatsapp us at +14242980948 with any questions.  We're also available to chat online (see the "Contact Us" section at the bottom of our website). 


Shoes are our favorite accessories.  Let's be honest after comfort and function are taken into account, style is the next important factor.  We seriously have the cutest shoes ever!  From moccasins and suede oxfords to leather boots with metallic stars and glittery oxfords, we've got any style you need. 

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