How to Choose a Ring Bearer and Flower Girl Outfit 

Spring and summer is #WeddingSeason! The sweetest and cutest outfits in the venue are always the ring bearer and flower girl. Finding a comfortable, affordable, and adorable outfit can be a lot of pressure! We have an entire wedding collection that you and your little ones can choose from. First, we want to show how to choose the perfect outfit! 

Photo: Lili Dresses in Pink & Blue 

#1 Pick the perfect color 

Depending on the wedding decor and colors, a pastel color or plain white are gorgeous options. Your daughter will receive all of the “oohs” and “aahs” in our Hanno, Lili, or the Lauren Dress. For your son, the Giovanni Vest Set or one of the Mario Shorts Sets is perfect for the occasion. Pick one of these and your little one will be the most darling one in the room! 


Photo: Hanno Dress 

Photo: Giovanni Vest Set 

#2 Consider the season 

Spring and summer can have drastic weather changes, make sure to plan ahead for rain or heat. Embrace the flowers that spring brings and incorporate that into your look, our Kayo dresses are perfect for this. Or embrace the bright blue skies and gold hues of summer and pick a blue or gold outfit. Some options we recommend are the Alexa or Penny Dress, the Charlie Shorts Set, or the Ronald Suit. 

Photo: Kayo Dresses in Ivory and Pink 

#3 Ask your son or daughter’s opinion 

If they’re happy, you’re happy! Ask your little one if they like the outfit and feel comfortable walking down the aisle. This can get them excited for the special day and make them feel like they are part of the process. 

Photo: Ronald Suit 

#4 Collaborate ring bearer and flower girl looks

Make sure the ring bearer and flower girl outfits do not clash. Set a color scheme and collaborate with each other. This will create gorgeous photographs! Pictured below are multiple duo outfits to consider. 

Photo: Penny Dress 

Find your little one’s dream look in our wedding collection and make sure to tag us @ittybittytoes. Happy shopping! 

Photo: Alex Suit in White & Gold and Kenzi Dress 

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