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How to Create a Perfect Picnic

April 02 2021, / 0 Comments

Picnics in your backyard or in a park can be as casual or extravagant as you want. At Itty Bitty Toes, we love to be extra… So naturally, we want to bring you fun and gorgeous picnic ideas!


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#1 Pack food & beverages

The kids will definitely be hungry by the time you get to your picnic spot. Packing food and beverages in one cooler or container with napkins, plates, silverware in a different container makes for an organized experience. As far as the food goes, if you want to take your food to the next level, a charcuterie board can be artsy and delicious. Kid beverages can look adorable too! Bring fun straws with plastic cups for a little extra something. 

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#2 Set a theme 

If we know our coworkers and our customers, it’s that we LOVE an aesthetically pleasing theme! Set a theme for your guests or for your family for the most perfect photographs. Themes can be color coordinating, a tea party ambiance, or a simple floral theme. 


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Photo: Arabella Unicorn Dress 

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#3 Bring games 

After the snacking and drinking has begun, the kiddos might want to have play time! Include bubbles, a frisbee, a ball, coloring books, a hammock, anything to keep your kids entertained while you enjoy your picnic in the park. 

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Photo: Pinterest

#4 Dress for the occasion 

Having a perfect outfit is the best part! We have been inside far too long due to the pandemic and it’s time to dress up. For your little girl, our Elizabeth Dress is playful and beautiful! To embrace the outdoors, have your daughter try the Emily or Monroe Dress, it has intricate butterfly details. For your little man, in the SS21 new collection, we have the Mario Shorts Set, which comes in peach, baby blue, purple, or multi colored. View our website for more options!

Photo: Mario Shorts Set (peach) and Nicole Dress (peach)

Photo: Emily Dress (left) and Monroe Dress (right) 

The picnic of your dreams is awaiting you! As always, tag @ittybittytoes in your gorgeous photographs in IBT items. 

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