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How to Throw an Easter Egg Hunt

March 19 2021, / 0 Comments

Hippity, hoppity, Easter’s on its way! The Easter bunny is coming into town and it’s time for parents to start planning an Easter egg hunt. Your little ones love to believe in the magic that the Easter bunny brings to this family filled holiday. Here are the essentials you will need to create a fun and safe Easter egg hunt: 

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#1 Plan the Easter egg hunt outside, if the weather allows. 

Being outside is safer if the entire family is gathering for the Easter egg hunt. This way, kids and family can be social distanced and watch the fun unfold while the kids collect their eggs. 

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#2 Create or purchase an Easter egg basket for the kiddos. 

Get creative with this one! Easter egg baskets can make or break your little one’s time if all of the eggs can easily fall out of their basket. To create your own, purchase a basket, then glue on a bunny face, maybe your kid’s favorite cartoon character, or simply buy a basket that already has these designs on it! 

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

#3 Find a perfect Easter outfit that’s comfortable and adorable for your little one! 

Photo: Bessa Dress

Your little one will need an outfit that they can move around in and be comfortable yet stylish. For Easter, we would recommend something floral, pastel, or bright. For boys, our Miller Suspenders Set in blush or blue, the Alex Suit in blush, or the Charlie Shorts Set in mint and blush. For girls, our Flora dress, Bessa dress, or Leila Dress are adorable options. 

Photo: Alex Suit in Blush and Miller Suspenders Set in Blue

Photo: Charlie Shorts Set in Mint & Blush


#4 How many eggs you will need 

Photo: Flora Dress 

Between 15 to 20 eggs per child is a great amount to take into consideration when filling the eggs. This way, your little ones will not feel like the Easter egg hunt was too short or that they did not get to collect enough eggs. Purchasing new Easter eggs every year can get old, quick! Make sure to save the plastic eggs and store them with your other holiday decor. 

Photo: Leila Dress in Purple

#5 Have fun!

Don’t forget—this is supposed to be about having fun! You’ve organized and planned, now it’s time to photograph the moment, relax, and watch your little ones enjoy themselves! 

Hoppy Easter! Visit our Pinterest @ittybittytoes for more outfit recommendations and Easter activities. 

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