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How to: Travel with Kids!

October 18 2019, / 3 Comments


Images by Egreis Gjergjani via Instagram

Nice to see you again, moms! With the holidays coming up, we know that there will be travel and family reunions galore! While vacations are super exciting, they can also cause major stress for the kids and mom. To ensure the smoothest sailing for your upcoming trip, here are our top picks on how to travel for the best journey ever!

Images by Egreis Gjergjani via Instagram

Pack Ahead

Images by Egreis Gjergjani via Instagram

You definitely don’t want to start an exciting trip with a load of stress! Planning is your best friend in these situations! The first and best thing you can do is pack early and have a general itinerary of when to leave, take breaks, etc! Packing for yourself is hard enough, so with a few extra suitcases to prepare, we suggest making a list of everything you need, so that you don’t overpack or forget anything! Plan ahead to have fun in the moment!

Bring Electronics

Images by Egreis Gjergjani via Instagram

There’s something magical about a phone or tablet screen that captures a little one’s attention for literal hours. Whether it’s their favorite movie or a new game, electronics can help keep your kids entertained during a long flight or road trip. Don’t forget the portable chargers to recharge!

A New Toy

Images by Egreis Gjergjani via Instagram

Your little one will be so intrigued by the novelty of their new favorite toy! It’ll steal their focus from the stress of traveling. It’s a win-win for the kids and for mom! You don’t have to spend tons on an electronic, just something compact enough to pack onto a flight or play in a car!

Tons of Snacks

Images by Egreis Gjergjani via Instagram

There’s nothing worse than hangry kids on a vacation. Pack a variety of their favorite snacks to keep them full and happy for that long trip ahead! Don’t forget to sneak in a few of your favorite bites to keep you powered up!

Just in Case

Of course, on vacation nothing should go wrong, but that’s definitely not always the case. Packing a mini first aid kit with bandaids, aspirin, allergy meds, and motion sickness pills can be a real lifesaver. You definitely don’t want to feel underpacked when your kids are feeling under the weather. Fingers crossed you won’t need them, but pack these precautionary meds just in case!

Image via Our Next Adventure 

Traveling even more than an hour with your kids can be tough. These are a few ways to keep the kids entertained and help mom feel stress-free! Thank you so much for tuning into this week’s blog and we can’t wait to talk to you soon. Cheers to amazing travels, moms!


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Love the tips!!! Haven’t tried bringing a new toy but it sounds like a great surprise/distraction! Can I just say how much I love your shoe closet btw!!😍





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