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How to Turn a Unicorn Dream Birthday into Reality 

February 05 2021, / 0 Comments

A unicorn birthday party is calling your name! Unicorns are unique, magical, and the most special mystical creature. Make your little one’s dreams come true with a unicorn themed birthday party. 

Photo: Camilla Dress 

Here’s what you will need: 

#1 A Dream Outfit

Photo: Sammi Dress 

First and foremost, your little one needs a show stopping outfit because that is where the magic begins! Choose a delightful gown or suit that will light up the room. If you’re looking for an awe moment, choose the Arabella Unicorn Dress, Camilla, or Sammi Dress. These dresses are what princesses wear in real life, your little one won’t want to take it off. A unicorn theme can be for boys as well, our Charles Suit in purple is perfect for the occasion. From the intricate details, to the pastel colors… each of these pieces are a dream come true. 

Photo: Charles Suit in Purple 

#2 Birthday Invitations 

Photo: Pinterest

Send an e-vite or letter for this magical event that your friends and family will not want to miss out on! The invitation will set the tone for the event and the color scheme. Stick to pastels, gold, and silver with cursive fonts for decor as well. Pinterest is a good resource to find inspirations.

Photo: Pinterest

#3 Party Decor

Photo: Pinterest

Create a mystical atmosphere with all pastel colored decor! A pastel and gold balloon arch, shimmery table cloths, unicorn wall hangings, unicorn headbands for your guests, rainbow place mats, goodie bags including sparkly slime or candy, and of course a unicorn cake! Decor can be purchased at Target, Etsy, Party America, Amazon, or Wish. Check out our Pinterest for more inspiration! 

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

#4  Party Activities 

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Unicorn party activities will keep the kiddos busy! Pin the horn on the unicorn is a great party game. If you want to DIY it, all you need is an blindfold, paper cut into a horn with tape on the back, and a unicorn drawing pinned to the wall! Another kid activity is decorating an ice cream cone with icing and sprinkles. You will need place mats, cones, sprinkles, and icing! 

Now it’s you turn to get magical! Show us what you come up with for your little one’s unicorn dream party. Make sure to follow @ittybittytoes on Pinterest and Instagram for the latest inspo and updates. 

Photo: Arabella Unicorn Dress 

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