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Itty Bitty Toes Father's Day Special

June 18 2020, / 0 Comments

Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing Dads out there for making the world go round! The Itty Bitty Toes team recognizes each father and all of their hard work. Every child admires their Dad and looks up to their dad as a role model. At Itty Bitty Toes we are very lucky to be able to see all of the loving photographs that families create. Being a father is a large role in a child’s life and we are grateful that we are able to create clothing items that are memorable and can be worn for holidays such as Father’s Day. The Itty Bitty Toes team has put together a variety of activities and gifts that will pair perfectly for Father’s Day celebrations. 

Backyard Photoshoot 

To remember this special day, an activity that a family can do is set up a photoshoot in your own backyard. A photoshoot is a memorable experience and photographs can last a lifetime. These photographs can be used for family holiday cards, to frame for your home or to always have as a keepsake. Father’s Day is all about having a family celebration whether you dress up or look casual! The Itty Bitty Toes team has paired together outfit inspiration for Father’s Day below. 

Dress Top Left: Irene Dress 

Suit Bottom Left: Miller Suspender Set

Dress Bottom Right: Cherry Blossom Dress 

Outdoors Festivities

Outdoor activities are fun for the whole family and a great way to be active together on Father’s Day. If the weather is nice, set up backyard games that the whole family can play like cornhole, putt putt, croquet or racquetball. Each of these backyard games can be found on Amazon. Backyard games are the perfect way to get the entire family involved while enjoying each other’s company. Another outdoor activity is to have a grill out and potentially incorporate the grill theme into a gift. Grill sets are a great gift idea and can even be customizable on Etsy. A low maintenance activity is having a movie night outside by projecting your favorite movie onto your house or a sheet, layout blankets and make popcorn.

Grill Set from Etsy

Photo By: Janie Henker

Include an activity on Father’s Day that involves his every day hobbies. Such as a bike ride, playing tennis, going to a golf range or creating a basket with all of his favorite snacks and items. Top off one of these activities with purchasing or creating a sentimental gift that he will remember forever. Gift ideas include a customizable keychain with his favorite saying, make a handmade card or put together a photo collage. Adding value to a Father’s Day gift is what makes the day even more special. 


The number one goal of Father’s Day is to make each Dad feel special and loved. Take this day to recognize all of their hard work and dedication to being a Father. The Itty Bitty Toes team wishes you the best Father’s Day yet and do not forget to celebrate the hero and role model of your family. Enjoy these photographs of Fathers dressing their kiddos in Itty Bitty Toes!

Dress: Christine Dress 


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