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Happy November, loves! It’s officially feeling like the holiday season with Halloween in the books. Next stop, Thanksgiving! We’re getting ready for pumpkin pie, sale shopping, and family reunion galore! Of course, we like to go all out for the holidays and not just with our outfits. To achieve a full-on glam look, here are a few ways to spice up your makeup for the holidays! 

A Bold Lip

Bold doesn’t have to mean bright! Wear a color you’re comfortable with! You can stay true to the holiday spirit and choose a berry or red tone or if you love a natural color, a beautiful mauve will do wonders on any skin tone! To get the full effect, line and fill your lips with a lip pencil first. Not only will this make your lipstick last longer, but it’ll make applying it so much easier! Just add your favorite gloss on top for the ultra glamorous look.

Kids Version: Don’t forget the sparkly clear gloss for your little one!

False Lashes

Lashes can totally transform your look and take you from 0 to 100, absolutely. They are the ultimate glam statement and if you’re wearing falsies, people know you mean business. If you’ve never applied false lashes before, we recommend trying them out a few times before the big holidays. Our favorite tips? Let the lash glue to get a little tacky before applying the lash to your eye! Start in middle and then focus on the inner and outer corners of the lash.

Kids Version: A light coat of non-waterproof clear or brown mascara will have your little girl feeling extra glam.



Contour is like a good bra, or a temporary face lift! This technique allows you to play with the shadows and shape of your face! You can make your cheekbones look higher and extra chiseled. Apply a cool toned bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks to get that natural shadow look! To complete the look, apply your favorite blush and highlight!

Kids Version: A few brushes of blush onto her cute little cheeks will make her feel as glamorous as mommy!


Nothing screams holiday glam more than a blown out eye look with some serious shimmer and sparkle. Subtle and neutral or bright and colorful, you have the power to do whatever you love! We’re obsessed with a smokey eye with some packed shimmer on the inner corners. Such a look!

Kids Version: Swipe on a little bit of her favorite pink shimmer to complete her princess vibe!

Full Coverage Foundation

Just add some setting powder and you’ll be set all night! Full coverage foundations are perfect for photos and you know there will be tons of those during family reunions and holidays! It all starts with a beautiful base so make sure to choose a foundation that doesn’t feel or look to heavy. Don’t forget to blend it down your neck!

Images by SaraitBeauty via Instagram

Who else is obsessed with putting on a full face of makeup and feeling glam? It gives you a chance to express your creativity and enhance your already beautiful features. Whether you get glam everyday or once a year, the holidays are a great time to step up your game and feel amazing. Makeup is beautiful and so are you, love.

Thank you so much for tuning into our favorite holiday glam makeup trick and we can’t wait to see what you come up with! Talk to you next week, love!


IBT Team

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