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Itty Bitty Toes Holiday Gift Guide

November 05 2018, / 0 Comments

Have you already started stressing about the gift that you’d get for the little ones in your life this holiday season? Sure it looks like a no-brainer right now. But getting them something that will end up forgotten or broken in a week is not what you want. Itty Bitty Toes is here to help you choose a safe, quality present that they’ll love. Here are some general tips to think about when brainstorming holiday gift ideas.

Holiday Gifts for a New-born Baby

 Itty Bitty Toes suggests that you must choose something that the child might actually need. Out only tip for any holiday gifts for kids would be to think about safety. Avoid anything that might break easily or has small parts that could be a choking hazard. Babies are constantly putting things in their mouths, so keep that in mind too.

Photo: Pink Princess 10 Pieces Newborn Set 

Some good holiday gift ideas include board books (no pages to rip out), clothing, stuffed animals, blankets, baby accessories, and any clothing essentials a parent might hint at.

Itty Bitty Toes favorite pick of a holiday gift for babies is-

The Lace Baby Plush Pillow - A baby billow with intricate gold or blue embroidery that can be personalized by the name of the baby.

The Angel Embroidered Bow Blanket- A wrap around blanket with baby’s name embroidered makes for a good gift. The blanket also comes with a belted bow that allows this gift to be tied as you want and make it more presentable.

Photo: Prince Embroidered Baby Set 

Itty Bitty Toes is now accepting custom embroidered pillow, baby set, and plush blanket with your own text as well! You can add the baby’s name and we will personalize the gift on your behalf!

Holiday Gifts for a Toddler

Photo: Charlotte dress 

With the big-big influence of Disney, Itty Bitty Toes feels that anything with their favorite character/theme at the moment is sure to create excitement. Our top pick at Itty Bitty Toes is-

 The Alice Inspired Dress- With Alice, the clock, and other features of the fairytale printed onto the fabric, this dress is every toddler girl’s dream and we guarantee will make her extremely happy this holiday season. 


Holiday Gifts for a Little Kid

Our best pick as a holiday gift for boys are

 The Dmitry Suit- This black and white suit is gorgeously tailored with luxurious fabrics that make it look like a gentleman’s suit. Boys at younger age love to dress in formal wear that has a resemblance to their father. This Itty Bitty Toes gentleman’s suit is a sure shot winner as a holiday gift for boys.

Photo: Nicholas suit and Alex suit 

If you think we’ve missed out on any aspect of the holiday gifts, comment below and let us know. Also, tell us about the options that you love and the ones that you are sure to buy.


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