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Self Care Tips for Moms

May 26 2020, / 0 Comments

Everybody needs self-care in their lives, especially you momma! Self-care helps improve physical, mental and emotional health by reducing stress and anxiety while also boosting your mood.

You may be thinking to yourself “Yeah right I don’t have time for self-care, I have my kids to look after!” That may be true, but it’s just as important to care and look after yourself so you can be energetic and the happy momma you want to be.

Lucky for you, our team came up with 10 self-care ideas that are easy and will overall make your life feel a little less chaotic. 

Brain dump in a journal

         Photo by Jess Bailey from Pexels

      Brain dumping is when write down everything and anything that’s going on in your head on a piece of paper or even in your notes in your phone. It helps you to actually see all the ideas you’ve been thinking about so you can pick through the ones that are important.

      Brain dumping helps you to prioritize your day and allows you a safe place to gather your thoughts and identify your anxieties. You can use your brain dumping session to create to-do lists that’ll make you feel more productive and ready to conquer the day!

      Create a morning routine

           Photo by Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush from Pexels

          If you don’t already have a morning routine then you should definitely consider creating one. Creating routine in your day helps you to feel more in control of your schedule. It also allows you to identify what’s important to you and can make you feel more motivated and productive. Routines can play a big part in your mental health by reducing your stress levels as well. If you don’t already have a morning routine, start by always making your bed. If you start your day off with something productive, it’ll set the tone for you to have a productive day. 

          Coffee or breakfast in peace

                   Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

              Mommas need their time to regroup and gather themselves before they tackle their crazy day. A great way to do this is to wake up early (before anyone else in the house) and have your coffee and breakfast in peace. I know you’re probably thinking you could use those extra minutes in the morning hitting the snooze button, but trust me you’ll thank me later. This would be a great time to brain dump or plan your day/week out!

              Schedule regular coffee breaks throughout the day

                     Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

                Sometimes when you’re in “go go go” mode it’s hard to find time to take a break. An easy way to make sure you’re allowing yourself time to breath is to schedule breaks in your day. This acts as a “time out” for you to regroup and gain some energy to get you through the day. It’s important to check in with yourself and evaluate how you’re doing and feeling. These breaks don’t have to be very long, about 5-15 minutes to let your body relax. If you’re not a coffee drinker, make yourself some tea! After your break you’ll feel more energized and clear headed which will allow you to feel your best. 

                Practice gratitude  

                     Photo by Brittany Mullins from Pinterest 

                    Learning how to practice gratitude can be very tough. It’s hard to teach yourself a new way of thinking. First start by switching out saying “I have to” for “I get to”. For example, if you make your kids lunches every morning start saying “I get to make my kids lunches today” even if you’re dreading it. It allows you to change a chore into something you’re grateful for. You can also start writing down one thing you’re grateful for a day. Some days you may feel not so grateful, and that’s okay. Nobody’s perfect. But keep practicing and eventually it’ll come naturally to you. In no time you won’t even notice you’re practicing gratitude!

                    Do at least one thing you love daily

                        Photo by from Pexels

                      This one may seem like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many times you don’t make time for the activities that you love! Maybe you love to read, paint, dance, or garden. Or maybe you’re a Netflix junkie or a knitter. Whatever it may be, make time for it! Your kids get to have fun all day, you deserve some time for the activities you enjoy too!

                      Give yourself a manicure 

                             Photo by POPSUGAR from Pinterest 

                          It’s hard to find a time during the week to go to the nail salon. So why not do it yourself? Painting your nails can be relaxing and rewarding at the same time. It’ll make you feel more put together and motivated. Give it a try the next time you aren’t feeling your best. Don’t be too hard on yourself if your nails don’t turn out the best the first few tries. Practice makes perfect and in no time you won’t even want to go to the nail salon!  

                          Bubble Bath

                              Photo by Dash of Darling from Pinterest 

                            What’s more relaxing than soaking in a tub? I can’t think of anything! Bubble baths are a great way to practice self care because you’re caring for your body. After a long day of work or caring for your kids, your body most likely aches and is exhausted. Soaking in a hot tub relaxes your body and makes you feel like you’re at a spa, especially if you add epsom salts. Epsom salts help to relax and de-stress your body by releasing magnesium into the water while you soak. While you’re taking your bath turn on your favorite show or bust out your book. Set the mood by lightning some candles and turning off some lights. Pamper yourself girl! If you don’t have a bathtub or don’t enjoy baths, do a face mask or hair mask. The options are endless!

                            Make yourself feel beautiful (just for you)

                                       Photo by The Grit and Grace Project from Pinterest 

                              It’s important that you feel beautiful. This doesn’t have to involve putting a full face of makeup on. Just simply putting together a stylish outfit you feel good in and making yourself look presentable can make a worlds difference. If you’re feeling a bit down and you also don’t look your best, it’ll only make matters worse. By putting the energy in to make yourself look good, it’ll also make you feel good! Only you know what you can do to make yourself feel beautiful. Find out what that is and add it to your morning routine!

                              Buy yourself flowers just because 

                                      Photo by Pixabay from pexels

                                Sometimes a girl needs some flowers to brighten their day, so why not get them yourself? Yes, it’s amazing when your husband or friend buys them for you…. But it can feel so empowering when you do it yourself. If flowers aren’t your thing, go get yourself a new lipstick or earrings. Buy yourself whatever makes you happy. You deserve to treat yourself every so often!

                                Adding self-care to your day will not only help to improve your physical and mental health, but it will teach you that you’re just as important as everyone else in your family! Think about it, you probably are used to putting your kids and husbands needs first over your own. After a while that can be exhausting and leave you feeling down or just not yourself. Any of these 10 self-care ideas can reduce your stress and make you feel like you're a new woman! Remember to always be kind to yourself, we’re all in this together. Now go paint your nails or take a bubble bath, you deserve it momma! 


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