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Staying Fit and Fun… With Your Kids!

September 13 2019, / 6 Comments

Hellooo to all the amazing moms and welcome back to a new week of the Itty Bitty Blog! You’ve been rocking it like the supermom you are, so don’t forget to give yourself those well-deserved breaks to boost your health and happiness!


Image by Egreis Gjergjani via Instagram

If you can’t seem to find some alone time, that’s totally okay! What better way than to incorporate FUN exercise into a playdate with your little one? Get those endorphins pumping and prepare to have the best day EVER!

Image by Egreis Gjergjani via Instagram


In a world filled with phones and iPads, it’s important to take a break to stretch your legs and take a breath of fresh air. Finding entertaining ways to get your body moving is not only beneficial to you, but it will promote healthy habits for your kiddo, as well! Here are a few suggestions on how to bond over fun exercise!

Image via Egreis Gjergjani via Instagram


1. Bike Riding

Break out those shiny bikes that have been collecting dust and take a lap (or two) around the neighborhood! If you want to switch up the scenery, take your little one to their favorite park to zoom around!

Image by Joanna Godard via cupofjoe

2. Hiking

You don’t have to go too crazy and book the next flight to Mount Everest, but even a nature trail with stimulating views is a great location! You can even turn this into a mini picnic to reward yourselves with a healthy post-walk snack!


Image via Roadtrippers

3. Dance Party

This is one of our favorite ways to get the heart racing and boost those happiness levels! Lucky for you, this activity doesn’t even require leaving the house, but it can definitely burn up the calories from last night’s dessert and wine! Alternate your favorite tunes with your kid’s current jams and have the ultimate dance party!


Image via iStock

4. Pool Party

Blow up those floaties and get to splashing! Invite your bestie mom friends and their kiddos and make it a party! Swimming is one of those activities that burns an insane amount of calories without you even realizing it. Even if swimming is not your thing, this is a great way to get your last minute tan on before the cooler weather starts to hit.


Image via Toni Cuenca

5. Start a Garden

This hands on activity is the perfect way to keep your kids occupied while promoting healthy habits! Plant your favorite flowers or those vegetables you wish your kids would eat, all in the comfort of your own backyard! Your kids will watch them grow, and they’ll feel a sense of major accomplishment… and you’ll end up with your favorite veggies for a super healthy meal! You’ll be taking “I made it from scratch” to a whole new level.

Image via roundecor

Those are a few Itty Bitty ways to have buckets of fun with your kiddos! Not only will you rack up some exercise time, but this is also an amazing opportunity to have bonding time with your little angels. What are some fun ways you love to stay active? We’d love to know! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read with us today and we can’t wait to talk to you next week! See you soon, supermom! 


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