Who will be Our First Itty Bitty Toes' Star: The Race is On!

Welcome back to this week’s blog, moms! Get ready for all of the fun updates on our first ever IBT Star Contest! It’s been absolutely amazing seeing the cutest submissions, and with almost two weeks left, we're so close to finding our final star!

Photo: Elyn! She's 7 years old and she was crowned as Mini Miss United World 2019 - CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR THE IBT STARS CONTEST

Excited to find our first brand ambassador, moms around the world were able to send in the sweetest pics of their little one rocking their favorite Itty Bitty Toes outfit! We got TONS of amazing submissions and it was so hard to tell who will take the crown.

Photo: Meet Aviana! She's 4 years old and she has a good sense of humor! CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR THE IBT STARS CONTEST

The results of round 2 will determine our IBT star, and it’s 100% up to you! You can vote for your favorite little angel on our Facebook page here. 1 like = 1 vote! To keep it super simple and fair, the kiddo with the most likes is our ultimate winner! The grand prize is a total makeover complete with a couture Itty Bitty Toes outfit, shoes, and a matching headpiece! Now THAT’S what we call a prize!

Of course, with so many beautiful little ones to choose from, there is a special prize for the 2nd and 3rd place winners! In addition to becoming an IBT ambassador, princes and princesses have the chance to win a free pair of leather, handmade IBT shoes or a whopping 30% off their entire order! SO exciting!

Photo: Meet Simon! He is 2 years old and he can already hit a baseball off the pitch! - CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR THE IBT STARS CONTEST

Help us pick who YOU think has the potential to be our brand ambassadors! Looking through the submissions, you might even get some photoshoot and party inspo for that special event coming up! Voting ends November 10th and the official winners will be announced November 11th!

While the preliminary round to send in photos is over, we ALWAYS love to see your little ones styling our IBT designs. Please continue to send in your best photos and you just might see them featured on our Instagram or Facebook page! It makes us so happy to be a part of your special moments and we absolutely adore seeing happy customers!

Thank you so much for tuning into our IBT Star Contest! Good luck to all of the moms with kiddos in round 2! We can not wait to see who becomes our first ever brand ambassador and we’re even more exciting to dress them in head to toes Itty Bitty Toes! Happy voting, loves!


IBT Team

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