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Itty Bitty Toes Is Live!

April 19 2015, / 0 Comments

I can't believe it but we have finally launched Itty Bitty Toes - Premier Online Children's Boutique!

It has felt like the longest process ever, but in reality it was really just a few short months. Sounds so easy but starting up an online boutique has definitely been eye opening, challenging, and full of sleepless nights. We can proudly say we are exhausted (my pregnant self especially), but we are so so happy and feel so great about this entire journey we have embarked on. The most important thing in anything you do is having passion and love for it. The rest will fall in place and beautifully so.

I apologize and thank all of you who have been patiently waiting for Itty Bitty Toes to launch! We hope that you love the Children clothing we have selected for you. There are a lot more styles, trends, and pieces coming in the next few weeks. Our goal is get to know our shoppers better, see what their taste is like, and offer them exactly what they are looking for and need. 

In our Itty Bitty Toes Boutique you will notice that majority of the pieces we carry are sold in sets. This is a bit different from most of the other Children's clothing stores. We know how important time is when you are a parent. We also understand how long a simple shopping trip for your little one can take. We are parents too! So before picking which pieces to carry in our online shop, we knew we had to make it as easy and smooth as possible for the parents shopping with us. Some of us do not have the time to put together outfits and color coordinate; some of us may simply not know how to do it and make it look stylish and fashion forward. So we decided putting them in sets would make it a lot easier for most of the parents. Of course, we have and will have more clothing items that will be sold separately but the main focus for now is children's outfits sold in sets. 

You may be worried about size....our own son for example is typically a size 24 months in pants and size 18 in tops. Here's the beauty about us and Itty Bitty Toes in general: all of our children's clothing is made in Europe and therefore is in European sizing. They tend to be much more accurate. Each size is based on the height of the child rather than the age. To better explain it, we have put together a detailed Size Guide. I highly recommend you take a look at it prior to ordering. You will find that this is much more accurate. Trust us! We've tested it enough to know :) Just give it a try, and if for some reason it's off, we'd be happy to exchange the size for you!

Another thing you will notice is our Itty Bitty Toes Couture Line! This is my favorite part personally. It is catered more to little girls than boys at the moment but I promise I'm working on adding more for your little men too (after all i do have two myself). The reason I'm especially in love with this line of our Online Boutique is because it is entirely handmade and I've carefully selected each piece: from the color, to the lace, to the design, all of it! Being European, born and raised, I have a special place in my heart for vintage style of clothing. These dresses remind me of the "older days"; back when our parents used to truly go all out and dress us head to toe. Through Itty Bitty Toes Couture my goal is to bring some of that tradition back. I know there are moms out there who would love to see their little ones in pieces like these. I plan on adding a lot more! We will even offer custom orders in the future...but one thing at a time! I do need to find some time to breathe! Oh! And give birth too :) 

We will keep this first blog post short! We'd rather you spend your precious minutes looking around our shop and finding something you LOVE. Itty Bitty Toes would love nothing more than to see your children styled beautifully in our clothing, but more importantly we love happy parents who fall in love with each piece they receive. Our commitment is to make shopping with us fun, easy, and rewarding. We trust that you do your best at raising your children, while we do our best at dressing them!

Growing Never Looked This Good....We promise!


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