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2020 Recap and Happy New Year from IBT!

December 30 2020, / 0 Comments

Let’s celebrate five things that happened this year for Itty Bitty Toes and our sister brands at the HQ! We are so lucky to be able to provide items to you and your kiddos during the craziest year yet. Between the pandemic, our new office, moving and launching Ivy Greis, our team has been working daily to make our goals become a reality. 

We launched our new spring collection, which had amazing designs with elegance and luxury. Perfect items for birthday parties, playing dress up, family photo shoots or for any special occasion. Seeing our new collection on our clients was the icing on the cake! Each year, we launch a spring and summer collection which takes lots of hard work and dedication to make each item unique. All of the long hours are worth it when we see these designs come to life on our clients! We have so much fun at the HQ seeing your photographs and kids in our items. 

@ivygreis, our casual clothing line, launches on October 10th, 2020. 

 Then, March came and the world was at a stand still. People were scared and afraid of what life was going to be like and what could happen. At Itty Bitty Toes, we had to learn how to adapt and work as a team to ensure safety and quality service to our employees and clients. With our daily lives slowing down, we were able to focus more time towards our new sister brand, Ivy Greis. Ivy Greis was inspired by the founder’s daughter, Ivy. The brand was made to create every day comfortable and stylish clothing for kiddos.

Itty Bitty Toes, By Egreis and Ivy Greis all moved into a new headquarters because each of these brands has expanded drastically! We needed more space for inventory, office space for our employees and room for content creation. The new HQ is where the magic happens and we are so happy to have a bigger space to be creative and work together. 

As we expanded into a new place, our followers and our team grew and grew! From our first dress wall...  to our current dress wall, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Last but not least, what a way to end the year… Cardi B’s daughters in Itty Bitty Toes! We could not believe the amount of support we received from families all around the world and from Cardi B. We are very proud to share our brand with our clients and continue to grow into the new year. 2021, here we come!

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