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Family Portrait Outfit Guide

November 16 2016, / 0 Comments


Family Portrait Matching Outfits

Picking out outfits for family portraits is not an easy task.  You want everyone in the family to coordinate but not necessarily match.  The outfits that you choose should compliment each other, not clash or blend together.  Matching outfits can be cute, but they can also be distracting.  Mismatched outfits also tend to be distracting in group photos.  Our new line of adorable coordinating outfits for boys and girls will make choosing outfits for family photos easy.  These vintage-style outfits from Spain are perfect for everyday wear, events, and photography sessions.  There are dresses, jumpers, and bloomer sets for girls and shorts and sweater sets for boys. The shorts are meant to be worn over leggings.  They look great with our classic handmade leather shoes for children. 

Read our Guide for How to Choose Family Portrait Outfits and Check Out Our New Coordinating Sibling Sets

1. Choose a color scheme  You probably know what colors look best on you and your children.  With that in mind, you'll want to select a color scheme that will work for everyone.  Different colored clothing looks better or worse on certain types of skin tones.  Just because red is a popular color for the holidays doesn't mean that red will look good on everyone in your family.  Choose colors that look good on you and your family. 

2. Select Different Textures and Shades  Texture is often overlooked, but it's an important component of great portraits.  Our coordinating outfits have a variety of built-in textures.  Sweaters are embellished with plaid, lace, buttons or bows.  Each outfit has the right amount of texture and will mesh nicely with each other and whatever you decide to wear to your family portrait session.  Also, it's ok if every shade of the same color isn't exactly the same.  Especially if it is an accent color. 

3. Select the children's clothing first  It's easy to find something to match for moms and (especially dads)!  We're sharing some ideas for what you can wear to coordinate with our sibling outfits.  Plaids are great for kids!  Since they contain multiple colors, there are lots of possibilities for matching outfits for older siblings or parents.  Neutrals are always a great option but coordinating colors are fine too. 

Coordinating Sibling Outfits 

Matching Kids Photography Outfits
The Vintage Collection is an adorable option for families with boys and girls.  There is a jumper set for little girls and a suspender set for little boys.  Girls will look adorable in the vintage-style dress.  Moms, dads, and older siblings can wear navy, brown, tan, cream, or even little gray to coordinate. 


Matching Sibling Outfits for Family Pictures - Itty Bitty Toes
Our Navy Polka Dot matching sibling outfits are perfect for fall or winter family portrait sessions.  This is a nice little set with options for babies and kids.  Mom and Dad could wear something navy, gray, or white. 


Family Portrait Outfits Photography
Our Teal Plaid coordinating outfits are adorable!  There are 5 differents coordinating outfits in this line.  These are wonderful family portrait outfits for fall and/or winter. They all are based on a teal plaid pattern.  Mom and Dad could coordinate with teal, white, cream, brown, or gray outfits.


Family Portrait Matching Outfits
The Scottish Plaid Collection is an adorable plaid collection.  There are three pieces to this set.  There is a sweater set for little boys (or girls) and a plaid dress and bloomers set for little girls.  Big sisters will look adorable in the Scottish dress. It will be easy to match for moms, dads, or older siblings!  The plaids have red, navy, cream, and white in them.  This leaves a lot of options open for coordinating other outfits. 

If you need help choosing the right outfits for your family photos, we're here to help. Contact one of our customer service agents via the chat on the bottom right of our website, call us at 1-800-998-3428 or find us on Whatsapp at +14242980948

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