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Happy Third Birthday to Princess Ivy

July 02 2020, / 0 Comments

Three years ago today, a princess was born. Our founder, Egreis’s first daughter who is her pride and joy. She is the inspiration and muse behind Itty Bitty Toes. We are so lucky to create designs after this dynamic duo. Ivy and Egreis were soulmates from the beginning, Egreis has always wanted a daughter. On June 24th, 2017 her baby girl was born. The youngest in the family after two boys, Ivy is the sassiest and cutest three year old you will ever meet.

Photo: Egreis Mommy & Me Dresses 

On June, 24th this adorable little girl came into the world and amazed us all! The Itty Bitty Toes brand started as everyday children’s wear and when Ivy was born, it then became couture. Ivy’s vibrant personality has made all of the collections come to life. She is a little girl that loves to get dressed up and pretend she’s in a fairytale. Ivy through the years is pictured below. 

The Mommy and Me Dresses are inspired by Ivy and Egreis. Egreis has always wanted to have designs that the mother and daughter are able to wear together. Our designer, Krystol made these designs come to life. These designs are perfect for birthday parties or any special occasion. All of our designs are created in-house with so many details and love. Ivy is Egreis’s little sidekick and they are unstoppable in these gorgeous gowns!

 Photo: Ivy Swan Mommy & Me Dresses 

Ivy models for Itty Bitty Toes on special occasions, such as her birthdays. Each year, our talented photographer takes beautiful pictures of Ivy in Itty Bitty Toes dresses. This year, Egreis let us know that Ivy is in love with the color pink so we then decided to bring over multiple pink gowns to her house for a photo shoot. Ivy told us that her Mom’s favorite color is yellow, which inspired us to bring the Anabella dress for her to wear. She showed us her lipstick, her butterfly backpack and of course her favorite dolls. Picture below are photographs from her birthday photo shoot!

Photo: Matilda Dress        

Photo: Nicolina Dress

Photo: Anabella Dress 

The Itty Bitty Toes team is beyond honored to showcase Ivy’s personality through our dresses. She shines so bright in all of our items and we cannot wait for more photoshoots in the future. Ivy will be able to look back on all of these special moments when she is older. A mother and daughter relationship is the most special thing that a Mom can have and it’s even more special when you have a matching dress. Happy Birthday to Ivy, the IBT team cannot wait for more adventures with you in the future!



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