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How to Slay Wash Day: Caring Instructions for Your Quality Clothes!

November 08 2019, / 0 Comments

We’ve all bought that new dress that we love and want to keep forever. Well, maybe we can with a few simple steps of extra care! Quality and longevity are two things we could never compromise on, and neither should you, love! Keep reading for easy ways to increase the lifespan of your favorite outfits!

Quality is everything!

Investing in high quality clothing is 100% worth it! Not only will your clothing items last longer between washes, but you’ll feel better about it too! To maintain quality clothes, you need to start with a quality fabric. Not to mention, comfort is everything! When shopping, ask yourself if you love it and then make sure it’s up to your comfort standards!

Steam out the wrinkles!

Now that you’ve picked out your favorite holiday outfit, it’s time to make it look as beautiful as the day you bought it! Clothing wrinkles can transform your look, and usually not in a good way. There are so many ways to get the smoothest lines in your outfit! If you don’t have an iron, our favorite method is a steamer! You can even buy a hand-held mini steamer for less than $20! This investment will pay off big time. If all else fails, hang your outfit in your bathroom during a hot shower, and the natural steam will do the work for you!

How to steam an Itty Bitty Toes' Dress: 

  • Start by steaming along the cotton lining layer. This is the backbone of the dress and by straighten it, it will give the dress the great shape and structure
  • Then move to the next layer of tulle, keep steaming until you reach the very top layer
  • Last but not least, this step is very important to achieve that full and fluffy look. Hold the cotton lining of our dress and pull it outward to fluff the dress up! Hint: check one of our fluffing video to see how we fluffed it! 
  • Enjoy your final look and don't forget to give it a big twirl!

Follow the suggested laundry directions!

Now that you’ve worn your new favorite outfit, it’s time to clean and renew it! This step might seem so simple and obvious, but it’s important to always double check the cleaning instructions! Don’t forget to wash similar colored items together! A trip to the dryer can ruin certain items and we would never want anyone to feel that kind of heartbreak!

For super special items or an Itty Bitty Toes piece, we recommend to dry clean them. It's worth it to let the professionals take care of the cleaning!


Organization is key!

Now that you’ve cleaned your special outfit, it’s time to store in the most ideal location! It’s important to care for your clothes even when you’re not wearing them! For example, heavy sweaters should be neatly folded onto a shelf instead of hanging to stretch out the material. If you want to be extra, investing in quality hangers can also improve the care quality of your clothes! 

Store it away!

For extra special items that don’t plan on wearing for a long time, we recommend guarding them in a dry cleaning bag to prevent excess dust and dirt stains. Make sure to keep your clothing items in a cool, dry environment to prevent any mold or residue build up!

Caring for your clothes is just as important as buying comfortable clothes! This can lead to a longer wear-life, and your investing in quality fabrics will definitely pay off!

Thank you so much for tuning into this week’s post about caring for your favorite clothes! We can’t wait to talk next week, loves!


IBT Team

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