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Chelsea Dress (Fuchsia)


⦁ Fuchsia layered chiffon, layered tulle under chiffon for added volume, cotton lining
⦁ Comes with matching headpiece
⦁ Can be custom made up to size 12 years.
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Customer Reviews

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Hi dear, thanks for the beautiful dresses that made my two baby girls so stunning✨✨✨


Thank a lot for the service and attitude. The dresses are very high quality ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘


Love the dress! Thank you so much


Thnk u soo much for the lovely outfit!!


Thank you so much 😊
The dresses arrived today and they are perfectly fit 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
So happy I will take pictures on the eid and share it with you guys. Definitely I will pay from you every year such a good quality and worth the price. And the customer service is amazing how you guys helped me with the size and delivery on the time as promised. Love from here to USA!!

Saudi Arabia

The dresses arrived today and they are perfectly fit . Definitely, I will buy from you every year for Eid, such a great quality and worth the price. The customer service is amazing how they helped me with choosing the right size and delivered them on the time as promised.


First father daughter dance in IBT’s Chelsea Dress and Vintage Onesie. Love the dresses!




She is wearing your dress!! Thanks!


I bought this dress for my 3 year old daughter’s birthday and was expecting it to be the most beautiful dress compared to her 1st and 2nd Ittybittytoes birthday dresses.
When I received it, it turned out that the dress in the photo on the website had more layers under it which gave it a volume that was not there in my daughter’s dress, this was the reason behind my disappointment which I tried to convey to the management of this business only to be told that this is linked to the size of the dress, it seems that the bigger the size is, the less volume it will have but from my point of view, this fact-if it’s the reason behind the disappointing look-it should be pre-informed to customers who are paying a respectable sum of dollars to be able to give memorable dresses to their daughters and definitely not to end up having something that is like any other dress!

Hi Noura, Thank you for your review. Your daughter is 3 years old however you chose a size 5 years. Because the dress is designed for a 5 year old in that size, it will look like this on her, because it's big all around. With each size you go up, there is more fabric. So the layers won't look the same as they do on a size 1 year. This goes for every product, not just this dress. A shoe for example, doesn't look the exact same when it's size 1 and size 13. The entire design has to get bigger in order to accommodate the bigger size and measurements. The Chelsea Dress also has to be steamed in order to show the true volume. This was not a step you took prior to putting it on her. Looking at her picture though, we still think she looked beautiful in it. Next time however, we recommend sticking to her size and perhaps a dress that is shorter, if you want that kind of volume on her dress. This dress is supposed to be knee length, and when you get into the bigger sizes, its going to lose that volume due to the extra fabric used to make a dress in a bigger size. Thanks, IBT

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