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Outfit Ideas for Little Boys: Match His Outfit to His Charm!

June 12 2019, / 0 Comments


Clothing is one of our favorite ways to express ourselves! So, why not express your personality?

We've put together a few outfits for common traits that your little one might possess. How does your handsome boy portray his charm? Sweet, cool, athletic, gentle, perhaps classic?

The Personality 'Fits:

Sweet Like Candy

Outfit: Christiano Shorts Set / G15-01 (white shoes)

Pastels and cool colors are the perfect balance of delicate and stylish, perfect for a sweet mama's boy. Keeping things light in appearance and length-wise will allow him to stay active, while maintaining his sweet charm.


Calm, Cool, and Collected

Outfit: Alex Suit (blue) / G03-04 (shoes)

Who doesn't look extra cool wearing a full-on suit? To take his "coolness" to the next level, we picked out a suit in a muted cool-toned blue. This outfit is decked out in luxury with pleated slacks, a high-quality cotton shirt, and a satin-lined jacket. The two-toned bow is the cherry on top of this cool concoction!


Strong and Athletic

Outfit: Race Car Ferrari Suit

Every sporty boy needs at least one formal outfit for special events. This race car Ferrari inspired suit is perfect for your little one who LOVES cars, but can't exactly drive one... yet. The checkered pattern adds a fun twist to the outfit, and the pops of red add an element of boldness. This is definitely the go-to look when he wants to up his style, while staying true to his sporty nature!


Gentle and Sleek

Outfit: Charles Suit (black) / G01-01 (black shoes)

There's something about dressing in all black... it's a simple, yet very powerful outfit move. Your little one's gentle nature will contrast perfectly with the dark tones in this look. This suit will definitely have him feeling classy and mature. All black everything for the ultimate gentleman!


Original, Yet Classic

Outfit: Charles Suit (black and white) / G01-02 (white shoes)

The color combination of black and white might be the most iconic duo ever. How do two opposites contrast and compliment each other so perfectly? We figured what better for your classic man than a black and white suit, dripping in luxury. Yin meets yang, and this suit will complete the harmony in your little man's wardrobe.


Which outfit would your little one wear? There are no rules to fashion and self-expression, so feel free to mix and match these outfit recommendations! Share your munchkin’s pictures with us and check out our Facebook and Instagram page for more outfit inspo!


IBT Team


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