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Family Fun on Valentine’s Day

January 08 2021, / 0 Comments

Are you and the kiddos wanting some fun and creative activities to do for cupid’s holiday? At the HQ, we have been brainstorming the most unique activities for you and your family. 

Let’s make the memories last with a Valentine themed family photoshoot. Encompass your inner cupid for the cutest photos. All you need is a camera or phone, balloons, candy, and your kids! These photos will be the sweetest treat to hang around your house for future Valentine Days or to have as a keepsake. Check our Pinterest for more inspiration!

Photo: Pinterest

And then the question is… “what do we wear?!” And at IBT, we got you covered. We have all of the pinks, reds and purples that you will need! We have matching outfits for mothers and daughters, we also have perfect sets for your baby boy as well. Pick something that shows your kid’s personality while matching the holiday. Something pink and sparkly… or maybe even poofy! 

Photo: Charlie Shorts Set in Blush

Photo: Alex Suit in Blush & Allie Gown 

Photo: Isabela Mommy & Me Dresses 

You and your kids are going to be hungry after this photoshoot… You definitely need to have some sweet treats around to keep the kids entertained! Some treats that can turn into a craft is tic-tac-toe on graham crackers with sweet tarts, heart chocolate covered strawberries, lady bug oreos, or heart shaped sugar cookies. Put your own personal flare on these sweet treats and have fun with it!

Photo: Itty Bitty Toes Pinterest 

Follow our Pinterest for more treats and ideas for you and your family on Valentine’s Day. We cannot wait to see the photographs that you all create. Be sure to tag us @ittybittytoes.

Xoxo, IBT

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