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Secret Santa Gifts for your Munchkins

December 03 2018, / 0 Comments

Secret Santa gift exchanges provide plenty of fun and lessons for children. For all you parents out there wondering how to surprise your little one this Christmas, well Secret Santa is our favourite holiday game to play.

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As parents you know best what makes your kids happy but playing this game also helps inculcate the right values of Christmas in your children. This game is extremely special as it helps your munchkin understand the value of surprising someone else or gifting them something that makes them happy. Our favorite picks for your little one this Christmas includes-


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One of the top things on your mind must be academic gifts for kids like workbooks and pencils. If your kids are slightly older, you can consider paint by numbers set or crayons and coloring book.


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You could also consider fun gifts for kids like giving tokens or buying gift cards to a museum, tickets to a movie theatre or indoor play parks that your munchkin will love. This can also be a good family outing that your little one can cherish for a long time.  

Games and Accessories

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Accessories and games for kids are also an amazing Secret Santa Gift for kids. It includes gifting dolls, a monster truck or even race track pieces to slightly older kids. Boys really enjoy jigsaw puzzles as well as board games, whereas girls can enjoy accessories like lip gloss or head pieces. At Itty Bitty Toes, we have a range of headpieces, accessories and bracelets that you would love to surprise your little princess with.

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If time permits, we’d suggest along with these wonderful gifts write them a personalised note that makes your child feel important. If they are too young to read, then consider the customized gift options available at Itty Bitty Toes. It will not only bring joy to children of all ages but they’ll also cherish them for years to come.

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Let this Christmas be the most memorable one for your little one and don’t hold back on the gifts. Visit our website to check out the amazing options that your little ones have this Christams 2018.


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