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Tips To Keep Your Little Ones Healthy During Back to School Season

September 10 2020, / 0 Comments

We understand times are stressful for everyone right now, but especially parens with young children. Not only have their worlds been completely changed, but their understanding of why is limited, making it even more challenging to go along with this less than desirable “new normal”.

We all care about our children’s health and safety, but especially during this time when it seems that sickness is haunting us. Not to mention that a lot of these changes that have been made to protect us can be counter-productive to our mental, physical and social health.

However, taking care of your child(ren)’s health and wellbeing is possible during COVID. Not only are there ways to help your little one(s) combat getting COVID a little easier when they do go out, but there are ways to ensure that your child(ren) keep their physical, mental and social health and wellbeing in check during this time. This article will look at seven different ways that you can take care of your kids during COVID times and back to school season. 

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Practice Healthy Habits

he CDC has implemented a few rules to keep everyone safe during this very scary time. They have recommended that you wash your hands regularly, use hand sanitizer often while out and about, wear masks and/or face shields, and practice social distancing (staying at least 6ft away from people outside of your household at all times). These practices are good, not only for adults to practice, but for kids to practice as well. Make sure that you have your child practicing these safety guidelines as well as the rest of your family to make sure that all of you are safe during this time.

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You can make masks more comfortable for kids by adding a ribbon to the mask to tie instead of going around the ears. You could also add a button to one side of the mask and fasten the mask in the back of the head, using the button to avoid the mask going around the ears and to make it fit more securely. Another option is buying masks specifically for children so that they fit perfectly and give the most protection possible.

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Practice Physical Health

It’s difficult without the parks to keep your kid(s) physically active, but it is still possible. Encourage your kid(s) to play outside in the backyard, if you have one, or take your kid(s) on regular walks during the day to encourage physical activity. You can also take movement breaks while inside to stretch and/or dance, encouraging movement while staying safely indoors.

Our creator, Egreis Gjergjani, has made a decision for her little kiddos to attend nature based program, where the kids can learn everything by playing in nature. From climbing trees, to farming, animals, bonfires, anything out in the woods. The kiddos truly enjoy this new experience.

A tip from our creator is to Google search "nature based schools" in your areas to explore your options. 

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Practice Emotional and Social Health

Making sure that your kids stay social and mentally healthy during this time is just as important—if not more-so—than their physical health. Make sure that your kids are still engaging socially with their friends and family by using FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype to talk to friends and family.

You can ensure that they are still seeing beloved faces by video calling, which helps connect a little more than a phone call, but if you cannot video chat, a phone call will suffice.

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Another fun way to connect with friends and family during this time is by writing and mailing letters. Have your child write their loved ones or draw them a picture and mail it for them. This is especially fun if the person that they choose to write writes back, so make sure to ask for a return letter.

Spending quality time with your kids during this time is even more critical than usual, so make sure that you’re setting aside time to talk to and spend time with your kids. If they bring up the pandemic, make sure to listen to them talk and empathize with how they feel. Address their fears over the pandemic and assure them that scientists are working on a cure so that we can get back to normal as soon as possible. Model how they should manage their feelings through your own actions because we all know that emulation is the #1 way that kids learn. Make sure that you’re taking care of yourself and your own emotions over the pandemic so that your kids can emulate how you are handling your emotions. And, lastly, make sure that you’re giving your kids a little extra love during this time—they need it!

Keep from Mask Pulling

You want to make sure that your child(ren) is/are comfortable in the mask they have to wear, especially if they have to wear it for a long time. Keep them from pulling at their mask by making the mask more comfortable, as explained in the first point.

On top of adjusting the way that the mask is attached to your child(ren)’s face(s), buying or altering your child(ren)’s mask to cut lower around the eyes will keep the mask from poking your child(ren) in the eyes, ensuring that they are more likely to keep from pulling at the mask.

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Let your child(ren) pick out a cool mask or add decals or fabric to the mask to make it “cooler” and more appealing to your little one(s). Lastly, you can practice wearing your mask at home with your little one so that they are more likely to not mask-pull when they’re out and about. Practice reading and expressing emotions with the eyes and eyebrows so your child(ren) doesn't feel like they need to pull their mask down to express themselves fully. You can also play peek-a-boo with your very little ones using the mask so that they can recognize that a mask doesn’t change or take away the person behind it. 

Use Positive Discipline

These are stressful times for everyone, and children are more likely to act out during stressful and high anxiety moments. They are more likely to express their stress and anxiety in negative actions, which you’ll want to redirect positively. Redirect bad behavior with simple language, hand gestures and eye-contact. Likewise, reward positive behavior using rewards and privileges. Creative play can help your little one(s) express themselves and redirect their negative behaviors into a positive, creative outlet. Make sure to schedule creative play into your child’s day so that they have that creative outlet at least once a day. Discuss their art with them so that you have a gauge at where they are mentally.

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If you get to a point where your need to actively discipline your child(ren), use time-outs and cool-downs to discipline and avoid corporal punishment. Not only does corporal punishment infringe on the safety and security that children feel at home, but it encourages violent demeanors in your children. Time-outs and cool-downs give your child(ren) and chance to calm down and reflect on their behavior.

Keep Yourself Healthy

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You can’t help your children stay healthy if you yourself are not practicing healthy habits to stay healthy and sane during this time. Make sure that you have a comfortable, well-fitting mask, that you’re washing your hands and using hand sanitizer, that you’re exercising, eating right, and following a routine to stay physically and mentally healthy. Make sure that you’re continuing to cultivate your adult relationships to keep socially healthy and take time to express and reflect on your own feelings. Children emulate what they see, so if you’re practicing healthy habits, then your child(ren) will as well. Practice self care so that your child(ren) will be more receptive to their own self care. A healthy mom leads to healthy kids, so stay healthy, mama!

Good luck, moms! You are amazing and are the superheroes we all need in this trying times. Comment below your tips to keep your little ones healthy during back to school season. 

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