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Halloween 2020 Family Friendly Activities

October 01 2020, / 0 Comments

Halloween is arguably one of the greatest holidays of the year: it jump-starts a long chain of celebrations, happens in one of the most beautiful seasons, and includes dressing up as whoever or whatever you want for candy! It’s great! 

Considering that you clicked on this blog post, it’s safe to assume that you, like many families, are questioning whether Halloween is even going to happen this year, and we’re here to tell you that, while Halloween may not look like it usually does, you can definitely still celebrate this fun, festive holiday!

With a little bit of planning, you can still show off your costume, eat good candy, and get scared by spooky happenings. This blog post will focus on different celebration ideas as well as sharing unique costume ideas for this Halloween. 

Celebration Ideas:

  1. Pumpkin carving: This is one classic tradition that needs no altering for protection, besides wearing a mask to the pumpkin patch to pick out your pumpkin. Carving a pumpkin is a fun activity that you can do with your kids that will feel like we’re not in the midst of a pandemic. You can find many different designs for your pumpkin on Google, or let your little one create their own design, and use the insides of the pumpkin to roast pumpkin seeds and make pumpkin purée for sweet fall treats. Your neighbors can enjoy your family’s creation(s) from a distance, making them the perfect activity for social distancing. Hurry to your pumpkin patch and pick out some pumpkins!

Image source: Southern Living 

2. Outdoor party:

The CDC recommends holding all social gatherings outside, as you’re less likely to contract COVID if you’re outside. So if you want to have a Halloween party, just make sure that you keep the guest list small and everyone wears a mask. This is a great alternative to trick-or-treating since you have more control of the environment, but this is still considered a moderate risk activity, so keep that in mind when planning your holiday festivities. There are some traditional ideas that are not great for this year, like bobbing for apples, but there are still some great party game ideas that can be socially distanced and ensure a great time for you and your kids. 

Image source: 

3. Socially-distanced trick-or-treating:

Love the traditional trick-or-treating but during the pandemic? These are ways that you can minimize risk and still participate in this fun activity.

You can work with the other families in your neighborhood to set up a one-way trick-or-treat route, and individually package trick-or-treat goodie bags to set at a safe distance for kids to pick up. Regardless if and how you decide to trick-or-treat, be sure to incorporate a mask as a part of your costume and stay 6 feet apart.

Image: Arabella Unicorn Dress 


4. Virtual Costume Contest:

The best way to stay safe this Halloween season is to stay home. If your family is high-risk, you may not want to take the risk of being around people, but you can still celebrate! Set up a virtual costume contest with your kid’s friends or with other family members. Look below for some awesome costume ideas!

Image: Cinderella Inspired Dress 

5. Scary movie night:

One of the funnest parts of Halloween is being scared and creeped out. There are plenty of kid-friendly spooky movies that you can watch with your little one(s), so rent a few good ones, pop some popcorn and get ready to huddle up in fear! What are some of your favorite Halloween movies, comment below! 

Image: Belle Inspired Dress

6. Apple picking:

This is more Fall-themed in general than Halloween-specific, but apple picking is always a fun activity that is outdoors and can be socially distanced. Make sure that you wear a mask and bring hand sanitizer to the orchard to keep your hands clean during and after apple picking! You can always eat your apples or use them to bake an apple pie—the choice is really up to you! 

Image: Snow White Dress

Costume Ideas:

Regardless of how you decide to celebrate Halloween this year, it’s still a great year to celebrate by dressing up! There are a number of ways that your little one can show off their costume, but regardless, they shouldn’t miss out on dressing up just because of COVID. Dressing up will help your little one escape the hardships of COVID for a little bit and enjoy themselves in a costume, pretending to be someone or something else. We’re known for our princess dresses, and of course we have all of the Themed Costumes for your little one to enjoy, but if your little one isn’t into the princess look, we still have the costume for them! Below are five costume looks that you can put together with our couture outfits that are not princess looks.


Red Riding Hood: This couture costume is perfect for the little one who enjoys Grim fairy tales! You can complete this look with a little picnic basket, and our shoes collection. 

Mad Hatter: Alice in Wonderland has some of the greatest characters, one of them being the Mad Hatter. If your little one is an Alice in Wonderland fan, he can dress up as an adorable rendition of the quirky character with our Charles Suit in purple and a top hat with a wig. Pair with our oxford shoes to complete the cute, quirky look.


Outfit: Charles Suit 

Mickey Mouse: Dress your little one up in a classically Disney outfit with our Mickey inspired suspenders set! You can make or buy Mickey mouse ears and pair them with this adorable outfit to create the fancy Mickey Mouse look. This simple costume is versatile and flattering. Pair this outfit with a pair of mickey ears and our Gjergjani G01-01 shoes for a clean, dapper costume.

Image: Mickey Suspenders Set 

Let us know what you're thinking off dressing for your little ones! We'd love to hear in the comment below! 

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